Are There Scholarships for Illegal Immigrants?

Illegal immigrants are those students who are living in foreign cities but do not have any kind of documentation that makes them the legal citizen of that country. This means such students are undocumented and do not have a social security number or other required documentation.

When deciding if these students want to study in schools or universities in other countries or abroad and overseas there obviously has to be ways that could help these students gain the opportunity to attain scholarships. Keeping that in focus, there are many different financial aid programs for scholarships for illegal immigrants who want to study abroad.

These illegal immigrants are also often referred to as the illegal aliens or the undocumented residents. It is usually argued by the Federal Government that the scholarships for the illegal immigrants should not be granted as the legal citizen or students already have to fight and go through a lot of challenges to attain these scholarships and provide financial aid to students for their educational purposes.

This is the significant reason why the government is against the scholarships for illegal immigrants. Although after facing so much disapproval from the government there are still many outstanding scholarships for illegal immigrants that are available for the students.

Usually such illegal immigrants or students opt for the private scholarship programs. One such scholarship for illegal immigrants is the ASU Scholarship for illegal immigrants.

This scholarship for illegal immigrants is specifically for the students of Arizona State University. Applications for the scholarships for illegal immigrants are available in the financial aid department of the university.

Another scholarship for illegal immigrants is available in California. In these scholarships for the illegal immigrants they can attain the opportunity to qualify for the amount of about $500 to $ 1000. The Chicago Organizing and Research in Education offer this scholarship for the illegal immigrants.

New York and Texas also provide scholarships for the illegal immigrants but such opportunities need to be searched for in the churches and local schools. It is the case with the scholarships for illegal immigrants in Texas.

Although there is senate bill that goes against these scholarships for illegal immigrants but still there are scholarship for illegal immigrants in Texas that can be found.

Other States offering In-State Tuition and Scholarships for illegal immigrants:

  • Illinois,
  • Kansas,
  • Nebraska,
  • New Mexico,
  • Oklahoma,
  • Utah
  • Washington
  • Nevada – state scholarships