Available Scholarships for Pakistani Students

As far as the scholarships for the Pakistani students are concerned many such scholarships for Pakistani students are offered in Pakistan as well as in countries abroad there are special scholarships for Pakistani students that are offered specifically to Pakistani students.

There are many online data bases and lists that provide Pakistani students with instructions and information on scholarships for Pakistani students. Any student can go online and go through these lists and get to opt for their best suitable scholarship also they can look at the university websites they want to apply and check if there is any scholarships for Pakistani students.

Many scholarships are offered in Pakistan and are scholarships for Pakistani students. In addition, every year these scholarships are updated for the convenience of the Pakistani students. Some of the scholarships for Pakistani students offered in Pakistan are as follows.

Prime ministers ICT scholarships offered for the Textile institute of Pakistan. Textile institute of Pakistan also offers scholarship for Pakistani students and these scholarships can be awarded to a number of 50 students only.

Scholarship for the University of Cambridge is also available in Pakistan these are usually offered for the PhD programs and are funded by HEC together with the Cambridge Commonwealth Trust. Then there is the UKAA scholarships offered to the undergraduate and graduate Pakistani students. Scholarships for Pakistani students are also available for the undergraduates, which are funded by the ministry of Information Technology.

This scholarship for Pakistani students is fully funded and it allows students to opt these scholarships for Pakistani students for higher studies as well. Then there is the HEC offering scholarships for Pakistani students for PhD overseas but only in the selected fields and not all fields or any field of the student’s choice. USAID is another scholarship for Pakistani students, which is given based on Merit or is the Need Based scholarship program as it is often referred as.

In addition, where there are scholarships for Pakistani students in Pakistan there are also scholarships for Pakistani students internationally and worldwide. Nevertheless, for this the Pakistani student needs to become a citizen of the country he or she intends to go legally and also, at times has to become a permanent resident in the country.

This could be a drawback but still these scholarships for Pakistani students offer full pay for their tuition fees and living expenses in institution, which is a great benefit for the longer time period.