Scholarships for Transfer Students

Scholarships for Transfer Students – What you Should Know

It is not true that are limited scholarship options for transfer students. There universities and private institutions that provide merit scholarships for transfer students based on their academic credentials. Most sponsors prefer to award scholarship grants to students with financial need.

There are scholarship grants that are slated to exemplary vocational, technical and community college students who want to finish their undergraduate degree in one of the top universities and colleges across the country.

Scholarships for transfer students are no different from other kinds of scholarships in terms of benefits. They usually cover the student’s educational expenses including tuition fees, board and lodging, books and other miscellaneous fees.

They also provide monthly stipends to eligible students. There are instances, however, that private institutions base the coverage on the cost of tuition as well as other overlapping grants, scholarships and student loans an applicant declares.

Rules in the application process for scholarships for transfer students vary per institution. There are organizations, for example, that does not allow students to directly apply. They have to be nominated by their previous school to be eligible for the scholarship program.

Most academic institutions, however, do require the students to apply for a scholarship by themselves. They have to submit all the necessary credentials from the previous colleges they attended excluding their transcript for the current semester. 

However, they are still required to submit the additional documents as soon as the semester ends. The applicant should already be admitted to the school of his or her choice in order to be eligible for the scholarship grant.

Scholarships for transfer students are then reviewed by a panel of admission professionals using various criteria such as academic performance, intelligence and critical thinking ability, financial need, interests, field of expertise and activities.

Once application is approved, the scholar is required to maintain the grade requirements and number of credit units per semester to avoid cancellation of scholarship.

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